Universal Pattern explore theory credits
The project Universal Pattern is part of the international art event Upstream that is going to take place in Amsterdam and Hoorn during the month of September and October 2002.
For information about this event see:

A presentation of the Universal pattern project can be seen in the Maritime museum in Amsterdam during the Upstream event !

Universal pattern is an ongoing project that was initiated by Yvonne Dröge Wendel in 1993.
She works as a visual artist in Amsterdam.
For more information about her work see:
www.artistsbooks.com ,

Website and webdesign by Philip Horst,
visual artist who lives and works in Berlin.
For more information about his work see:

big thank you to
Kuki - for energy and nights on the computer
Axel Schmidt from exploding fish production - map drawings and intimate support.
Jan Thomas - for the guestbook and coding tips
Eamer Beamer from Stichting WebStar - for the consulting

Universal Pattern reporters:
Claudia van Dijk (NL)
Natasa Heydra (NL)
Maho Takahira (JP)

Those who have contributed to this project:
Anke Bangma
Andries Botha
Claudia van Dijk
Alexandra van Dongen
Johan Deumens
The Netherlands Foundation of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture
Meshac Gaba
Jan Geerts
Gisela and Manfred Horst
Knuth Horst
Frederick Horst
Jos Houwling
Barthomeu Mari
National Geographic Society
Thapong Workshop Botswana
Marianne van Tilborg
Mama Cash
Hermann Pitz
Nina Rave
Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam
Gijs Stork
Louise Sudell
Mikael Traung
Triangle Trust London
Kuona Trust Kenya
Marius van Sterrenburg
Weather Report
Maho Takahira
Jan Thomas
Kumi T. und Dita G.

and others.